Area Required

300-800 Sq.ft

Investment Range

INR 10 Lac – INR 25 Lac

Staff Required

As low as 3

Why Us?

  • Fresh Pizzas – At Adi’s Pizza, dough preparation takes only 1.5 hrs. and hence our Pizzas are very fresh. Whereas at competitors, it takes 18-30 hrs.

  • Our products are fusion of Italian and Indian cuisine. We have Pizzas specially made for masses such as “Punjabi Feast” or “Shanghai Chicken” very famous among consumers.

  • When it comes to toppings and cheese, we show generosity and hence, our Pizzas have better taste then competitors.

  • Clean Atmosphere – Our hygiene standards are no less than any international outlets.

  • Best Quality – We procure Cheese, Meal and other raw materials from top brands available in India or abroad.

  • All our pre-mixes are specially imported, which ensures consistency in quality and taste.

  • We focus on staff training so to provide best customer service.

  • And yet we provide attractive prices to consumers. Our prices are 30% lower than Dominos and we are still making sustainable profits.

Popular Brand

Started in 2018 in Navi Mumbai, Adi’s Pizza is a popular restaurant chain.

Menu Specialties

Adi’s Pizza has professional chefs & specialized machines for creating specialties like Cheese Pizza.

Attractive Returns

Adi’s Pizza franchise is a moderate investment business offering attractive returns.

Support System

Brand is committed to offering comprehensive guidance & operation support to Adi’s Pizza franchisees for growth.

Do I Qualify To Be A Franchise?

There are several factors we consider when assessing an applicant desiring to become a Adi’s Pizza franchise, including but not limited to their:

  • Multi-Unit Operations Experience
  • Financial Qualifications
  • Personal and Financial Reputation
  • Motivation and Commitment
  • Culture and Brand Fit
  • Growth Mindset
Based in Navi-Mumbai, Adi Pizza is the franchisor of the India’s most popular fast food restaurant chain, specializing in Pizza, Burger etc. Adi Pizza has been serving customers complete, freshly prepared family meals.